Hu Montague Arrest Pest Through Dilligent

Hu Montague is a professional when it comes to pest control. Here are some things he has to share about the top. Mice and rats are capable of causing serious damage to homes and structures.  Damages often include chewed electrical wiring, torn insulation in walls and ceilings, stains from urine and droppings as well as holes in drywall and other areas of the home.  The key to preventing rodent damage is to make sure these critters aren’t able to gain entry in the first place.  With cooler weather just around the corner there is no better time to pest-proof your home says Hu Montague.  Eliminating access to food, removing or eliminating harborages as well as removing access to your home are all critical pieces of rodent preventionand are outlined in more detail below.  With these helpful tips you can stop mice and rats from invading your home in search of a place to overwinter.
Here is what Hu Montague has to say about termites the Dangers of Dampwood Termites One of the most destructive pests in the Sunshine State is the Dampwood Termite. See for yourself just how much of an endemic they have become in Florida… Read More 4 Pests That Are Better Left to a Hu Montague While all pest professionals believe that every pest problem should be addressed by an exterminator, there are certain pests that should definitely not be left to the homeowner. These four pests are best left to the professionals… Read More Freezing Bed Bugs May Not Kill Bed Bugs Researchers have now concluded that bedbugs have a high cold tolerance. 
Hu Montague advises tat as a final step our inspector may recommend an ongoing termite monitoring plan. Clark’s termite home protection services will guarantee that if termites do try to re-establish a colony around your home, we’ll be there to treat the problem before they can do any further damage

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